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Anne Lorne Gillies
An Long Hirteach / St Kilda Mail-Boat
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Anne Lorne Gillies - An Long Hirteach / St Kilda Mail-Boat
Anne Lorne Gillies, Rhona MacKay & Eddie McGuire have pooled their expertise in Gaelic music and culture to bring back to life the songs & music of the people of St. Kilda, evacuated in 1930. Puirt-a-beul, lullabies, death, love and sea-edge life.

Disk 1 : Leac Na Gádaig, Gura Thall Ann an SÃaigh, Cas Na Caora Hirtich O, Do Dhà Shùil Bheag Bhiolach, O'ran Luaidh Hirteach, Thulgag BhÃidheach, Cha b' e Sgioba na Faiche, Na Trà Nèill Chalma, The Lady Grange, 'S Truagh a Rìgh Nach mi Bha Thallad O, Iorram Suirghe, Ã?'ran Na H-Ighinne Hirtich, Mo Ghaol Oigear a' Chùil Duinn, Rè an t-samhraidh bha mo dhùil ris, Tàladh cailin an fhuilt Ãr-bhuidhe, Ewen and the Gold, St Kilda Waulking-Song, From St Kilda to Kings Cross, St. Kilda's Parliament - 1879-1979: The Photographer Revisits..., Tuireadh Nan Hirteach

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