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Catriona Watt
Cadal Cuain
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Catriona Watt - Cadal Cuain
BBC Radio Scotland Young traditional Musician of the Year 2007, Catriona performs beautiful, lyrical, thoughtful Gaelic singing. She is accompanied by a fine array of backing musicians and singers. Gaelic lyrics & translation are in the booklet.

Disk 1 : Ailein Duinn, A' Bhean Eudach, Luinneag Mhicleoid, Ailein Dhuinn A Ni 'Sa Naire, Nan Tigeadh Tu Idir, An t-Aingheal Diona, Oran Dealchaidh, Na Hu O Ho Chaluim Bhain, Do Dh'Arm Righ Sheumais, Puirt A Beul, Cadal Cuain

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