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78th Fraser Highlander's Pipe Band
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78th Fraser Highlander's Pipe Band - Cascade
Fabulous album by the 78th Fraser Highlander's Pipe Band.

Disk 1 : Hornpipes:Rockley Beach - Lucy's Frolics - David Caldwell, Medley:The Wellington Police Pipers in Australia - Islay Ball - Pompous Trousers - McFadden's Reel - Weaving Through Glengarry - Starry Night - The Wise Maiden - Chloe's Passion - The Wise Maiden, Craig Colquhoun, MSR: Dugald McColl's Farewell to France - Blair Drummond - Pretty Marion, Cascade:The Little Cascade - Chloe's Passion, 4/4 & 3/4 Marches: Road to Balquidder - Leaving Arisaig - The Ness Walk, Medley: Drunken Landlady - John Patterson's Mare - Gaelic Air - Miss Lilly - Farewell to Erin, Seskinore/Omagh, Polkas: Black Watch Polka - Royal Scots Polka

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