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Hamish Imlach
Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice: The Transatlantic Anthology
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Hamish Imlach - Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice: The Transatlantic Anthology
Fantastic cd with 52 tracks on it.

Disk 1 : Johnny O'Breadislee, Men of Knoydart, The Zoological Gardens, Street Songs, Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice, If It Wasn't For the Unions, Black Is the Colour, I Was a Gay Spark In My Time, Whiskey You're the Devil, Early Morning Blues, The Ballad of Timothy Evans, Castlereagh, Twa Corbies, The Tall Tale, The Copper's Song, MacPherson's Farewell, The 37 Bus, I Am a Miller, The Dundee Cat, Jean Harlow, The Clapped Out Motor Car, The Bourgeois Blues, The Horny Bull

Disk 2 : The McGregors, Deep Elem Blues, History of Football, Beer Is Best, Little Maggie, Goodbye Booze, Whiskey Seller, The Moonshiner, Clive's Song, The Cuckoo, Pretty Little Horses, Noted Rider, Medley: The Streets of Laredo / Western Cowboy, Forty Pence Butter, One Day Old, Twelve Pence Ain't a Shilling, Whiskey and Women, Dialogue, Five Eyes, Fine Old English Tory Times, Cornflakes, Sugar & Teardrops, Bluebird, The People Upstairs, Coulter's Candy, Jenny Jenkins, Travelling Rhythm, Murdered Ballad, The Night Squad, That Terrible, Terrible Night

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