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Isles Fm
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Isles Fm - Langass
A charity compilation album of songs and tunes for Isles FM. Featuring lots of artistes with western isles connections: Runrig, Roddy Buchanan, D A Matheson, Calum Campbell, Kristine Kennedy, Iain MacKay, Dena MacIver, and more.

Disk 1 : Roddy Buchanan - Langass, D.A.Matheson - A' Chailinn Aluinn, Calum Campbell - I'm A Rover - Kishorn Commandos, Kristine Kennedy - Cha Dachaigh Dhomh an Saoghal, Iain Macaulay - Gaol Na h-Oige, Mean Time Ceilidh Band - Dannsa Rathaid, Joyce Murray - Oran Do Iain Bhreac, Gaberlunzie - Park Bar Song, John A. MacIver - Orain Dhomhnaill Dhomhnaill Bhain, Dena MacIver - Loch an t-Sithean, Fergie MacDonald - Eva Three Step, Runrig - Chi mi'n Geamhradh, Kirsteen Macdonald - Fadachd an t-Seoladair, Iain 'Costello' MacIver - Kenny "There You Go", Murdo Dan MacDonald - Gad Chuimhneachadh, Iain MacKay - 'Se Siabost 'S Boidhche, Donny & Diane - Tunes To the Loom, Iain 'Tosh' MacIntosh - A Ribhinn Oig

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