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Trail West
One That Got Away
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Trail West - One That Got Away
Trail West are an up and coming ceilidh band from the Isle of Tiree. Consisting of Ian Smith (Accordion/ Midi Bass), Andrew Findlater (Drums/ Vocals) and Alain Campbell (Guitar/ Bagpipes), Trail West offer a refreshing yet traditional West Coast Ceilidh Band sound.

Disk 1 : The Scattermaster / Jimmy Ward's / The Glencoe Diversion / Far from Home / Mo Chuachag Laghach Thu / Prince of Wales, Donald Meek's / Professor Donald Meek of Tiree / Red Socks / PM Willie Gray's Farewell to the Glasgow Police, A Pheigi a Ghraidh, The 'Dirty Bee' Set / Jean's Reel / Andy Renwick's Ferret / The Dirty Bee / Road to Errogie, Gay Gordon's / The 51st Highland Division / Murdo MacKenzie of Torridon / The MacNeil's of Ugadale, Wait 'Till I Tell John Alec... / Seudan a' Chuain / Lord McConel of Lough Earne and Loch End / Smelling Fresh, Gaelic Waltz / Uibhist mo Ghraidh / Lag nan Cruachan / Nan Ceadachadh an Tide Dhomh / Clachan Ghlinn-da-Ruadhail, The Island Boy, Walter's / Walter MacCallum's Hornpipe / Iain MacLachlan / Iochdar Road Quartet, Just Go for It / Sarah MacIntyre's / Manus Lunny's Terracotta Plower Pop / Roaring Barmaid / Wes and Maggie's Ceilidh Croft, Sound of Mull / Maureen's Jig / Celtic Matador / The Gathering / Rory Gallagher's / Dr MacPhail's Reel / The Inevitable Journey

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