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Mary Ann Kennedy and Charlotte Petersen
Strings Attached
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Mary Ann Kennedy and Charlotte Petersen - Strings Attached
Two great young harp-players and Gaelic singers. Mary Ann, winner of both Gold medals at the National Mod and award-winning harp player, joins the highly regarded harpist Danish-born Charlotte. Gaelic lyrics and translations are included in the booklet.

Disk 1 : Òganaich an Òr-Fhuilt Bhuidhe, The Sailor's Wife/Morrison's Jig/The Tenpenny Bit/Kate Martin's Waltz, The Harper's Farewell to Bushmills, An Coire Riabhach, Canon in D, One Hump or Two?, An Eal' Air A'chaun, The Musical Priest, Eilean a'Cheò, Ailean Duin/Discovery/Peter Davidson's Reel, An T-Larla Diurach, An Honest Man, Bho'n Chuir Mo Leannan Culthaobh Rium/Dh'fhalbhainn Sgiobalta/Meal Do B, Take Five/Willa Fjord

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