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Scotland the What?
The Best of Scotland the What? Volume 2
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Scotland the What? - The Best of Scotland the What? Volume 2
Pawky, dry, highly intellectual and bitingly satirical.. And yes, hilariously funny! Scotland, her peoples, her cultures and her social institutions endearingly mocked and lambasted by arch comedians Scotland The What? Around 76 minutes of comic chaos from Scotland the What? which never ceases to amuse and well worth a close listen for the stunning use of language. Maybe the only extras you need is an ear for an Aberdonian accent and an imagination. Buff Hardie & Stephen Robertson - Vocals & Spoken Word, George Donald - Piano

Disk 1 : Santa's Phone Call (1983), The Hundred Fiddlers (1988), Retirement (1995), Columbus (1995), The Sleeper (1979), Mastermind (1988), City Of Culture (1988), The Beechgrove Garden (1979), Press Conference (1984), Rowantree (1984), Moderator (1984), Farewell To Auchterturra (1986)

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