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Bill Black & His Scottish Dance Band
The Dawning
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Bill Black & His Scottish Dance Band - The Dawning
One of the most popular bands for over 30 years at dances and festivals throughout the country.

Disk 1 : Jigs: The Jig Runrig, Donegal Jig, Richmore, Canadian Four-Step, Polka: Miss Delia Graham's Polka, Reels: Hamish's Tune, Torry, Dick Kommer's Reel, Alasdair Of The Den, St Bernards Waltz: Glen Patrick, Barn Dance: Colonel McLean Of Ardgour, The Clan McColl, Quickstep: Tipsy Twosome, Fiddle Solo: Slow Strathspeys & Reel, Fyvie Castle, Mary Claire, Military Two Step: Honeymoon Harry's Two-Step, Pipe Medley: Leaving Lunga, Inverardle, The Black Bear, Dashing White Sergeant: Willfjord, Teetoller's Reel, The Scholar, Billy Thom's Reel, Gay Gordons (4/4) Marches: Leaside, Crystel's March, Charles Anderson: The Leg Of A Duck, Mrs Seamus MacNeill, Slow Air: Memories Of Cecil & Ruby Dawson, Eva Three-Step (6/8 Marches): Capt. I.R. McHorton, Rory McLeod's Welcome to Loch Carron, Polka: Patchwork Polka, Accordion Solo: Continental Waltz, Soir De Paris, Virginia Reel: Red Haired Boy, The Chamberlain, Swamp Lake Breakdown, Canadian Reel, Mississippi Dip: Bonnie Scotland, Roll Out The Barrel, Who Were You With Last Night, My Old Man, Waltz: Suzanne, Postie's Jig: My Dungannon Sweetheart, Jim McAllister's Jig, Rock Valley Jig, Barney Quinn, Reels: Itchy Fingers, Wicked Willy, Dinky's Reel, Miss Jane Of Violet Bank

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