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Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham
The Pearl
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Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham - The Pearl
Supreme traditional-style fiddler, Aly Bain, joins accordion whizz, Phil Cunningham, to form a great musical partnership and a great album.

Disk 1 : Megan's Wedding/The Herra Boys/The Barrowburn Reel, Bonnie Nancy, Devant Ta Porte/Mamou Two Step, The Jig Runrig/The Swedish Jig, Quendale Bay, The Waltz Of The Little Girls, The Shores Of Loch Bee/The Headlands/The Floggin' Reel, The Music Of Spey, Seud Nan Ceud Bliadhna /Memories Of Father Angus MacDonell/The Braes Of Dunvegan March, Belle Mere's Waltz, The Auld Fiddler/Bb Tune, The Pearl

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