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Jimmy Shand
The Golden Years
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Jimmy Shand - The Golden Years
Jimmy Shand a household favouite! This cd contains 22 tracks from the Golden years originally recorded 1955-65.

Disk 1 : Bluebell Polka, The Veleta, Dundee Reel: Bonnie Dundee / The Rock & Wee Pickle Tow / Atholl Gathering, St.Bernard's Waltz, Gay Gordons: The Dundee Military Tattoo / 25ths Farewell to Meerut, The Dashing White Sergeant, Waltzing to Jimmy Shand: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean / Won't You Buy Me Pretty Flowers / Peggy O'Neil / Till We Met Gain / Wyoming Medley, Whistling Rufus, Memories of Robert Burns, Pt. 1: The Barley Bree / Mary Morrison / There Was a Lad Was Born In Kyle, Memories of Robert Burns, Pt. 2: Whistle O'er the Lave O'T / My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose / A Man's a Man / Ye Banks and Braes, Para Handy, Scottish Country Dances:m a Rosebud By My Early Walk / I Lo'ed Nae a Lasie But Ane / Loch Rannoch, Waltzing Through Scotland: Loch Lomond / Ca' the Yowes / Westering Home, The 6.20 Two-Step, Mairi's Wedding (8x40Reel): Original / Peat Fire Flame / I Wish I Were Married / Happy We've Been A'T'Gither, The Gordon Waltz: Oh My, Jock Mackay / A Gordon for Me / The Lass O'Lowrie, Dundee City Police Pipe Band, The Bridge of Nairn Strathspey: Tom's Highland Fling / Cameron's Got His Wife Again / Original, Irish Jigs: Donnybrook Boy / Biddy from Sligo / Irish Washerwoman, The Buchan Waltz: The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen, Sing In the New Year, Pt. 1: Loch Lomond / I Belong to Glasgow / My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean / Roaming In the Gloaming / I Love a Lassie / Stop Your Tickling, Jock / Just a Wee Deoch An' Doris, Sing In the New Year, Pt. 2: Scotland the Brave / Uist Tramping Song / We're No' Awa' Tae Bide Awa' / A Guid New Year / Auld Lang Syne

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