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78th Fraser Highlander's Pipe Band
The Megantic Outlaw Concert Canada
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78th Fraser Highlander's Pipe Band - The Megantic Outlaw Concert Canada
Recorded live in Canada at a concert themed to the story of Donald Morrison an innocent outlaw who died on the day of his pardon! The suite of tunes were written by Michael Grey, Bruce Gandy, Wm Livingstone, and sit well among the other sets on the album.

Disk 1 : 4/4 March: Lord Lovat's Lament, Medley: Delvinside, The Skye Rovers, The Price Of A Pig, Rory MacLeod, Ashes On The Afton, Jimmy Rollo, Jane Campbell, Finbarr Saunders, The Oyster Wives' Rant, Glenlyon, Finbarr Saunders, Air & Jigs: Ar Baz Valan, The Hag At The Churn, Ronan Sicord's Jig, Mrs O'Sullivan's Jig, Old Joe's Jig, Johnny's Jig, Medley: Fleshmarket Close, Tom Anderson, Eileen MacDonald, By The River Aora, Miss Drummond Of Perth, Mrs Donald MacPherson, The Grey Old Lady Of Raasay, The MacIsaac Wedding, 'Chailleach Oidche, Kelsey's Wee Reel, Drum Fanfare, Waulking Songs: Cutting Bracken, Mo Run Mo Nighean Donn Boidheach, Cha Bhi Mi Buan, Blustering Home, Jigs & Reels: Donnella Beaton, A Wee Spat, No Output Cued, Flattened Rabbits, Blue Jammin', The T. Bowen Reel. Conway's Farewell, Chainsaw, Rocking The Baby, Hornpipes: William Grey, John MacLean, Aussie Steve, Piobaireachd: Lament For The Harp Tree, "The Megantic Outlaw": Megantic, Donald Morrison, McAulay The Moneylender, The Pursuit Of Justice, Augusta McIvor, Lucius Warren And The Confrontation, Morrison Wanted: The Chase Begins, Ambushed, The Trial, Strathspey, Reels & Jigs: Steve and Diane Of Cheltenham, The Troys' Strathspey, The Braes Of Mar, Jenny Dang The Weaver, The Pitnacree Ferryman, Brenda Stubbert's Reel, The Drunken Landlady, Flora MacIsaac, The Duck, The Old Wife Of The Milldust, Airs: Behind The Hills, Chi Mi Na Morbheanna, Jigs: Annette's Chatter, The Ferryside Lasses, Coppermill Studio, The Jig Of Slurs, The Crooks Of The Kingdom, Medley: She Walked Throuh The Fair, My Laggan Love, Foxhunter (Jig), Foxhunter (Waltz)

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