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Margaret Scollay
The Wilderness
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Margaret Scollay - The Wilderness
Margaret Scollay plays fiddle and piano in Shetland style. Most of the tunes are her own compositions from her book "The Wilderness", with a few from her husband Alan, her father Lell Robertson, and one by Pat Shuldam Shaw. Great tunes, great playing.

Disk 1 : Reels: Whalefirth - Da Kirks - Peter D.Scollay, Waltz: The Fiddler's Godmother, Medley: The Morris Man - Leona - Viewforth, Slow Air: The Sons of the Valley, Medley: The Fiery Sessions March - High Strings Compliments to Fintry - The Robertsons of Raga, Reels: Fernbank Garden - Hestigeo - Sandy's Fair Isle Socks - Peterson's Accordion Hire, Slow Air: The Winderness, Marches: Mr.Petrie's Welcome to Dr.Anderson - The Longland to Kilmodan, Jigs: Orfasay - Izzy's Jig - Jig For Life, Waltzes: For Alexa - The Kellister WAltz, Reels: Hjeltfjord - Amanda - Shaela - Tomati, Slow Air: Lell Frae Yell, Reels: WillieTaylor's Fiddle - Da Backstone - Da Beachcomber, Waltz: The Farewell Waltz, Reels: The BP Reel - Golden Golas - The Braeview Boy, Hornpipes: The Celtic Cossack - Karinya, Reels: Niaroo - Fariview - Kilmodan


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