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Various Artists
Accordion Magic Volume 2
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Various Artists - Accordion Magic Volume 2
With the emphasis on the Scottish music, this series covers our accordion greats of the last 50-ish years. Gordon Pattullo, Jim Johnstone, Jimmy Shand Jnr., John Huband, The Donaldsons, Max Houliston, Mickie Ainsworth & Jimmy Blue, Stuart Anderson.

Disk 1 : Judy's Reel (John Huband), Orange & Blue / John McAlpine / The Lad Wi' the Plaidie (Jim Johnstone & His Band), Strip the Willow / Peggy's Wedding / Drummond Castle (Jimmy Shand Jnr & His Band), Wendy Jane Polka / Thingummyjig Polka (The Donaldsons), Avalanche (Ian Holmes & Max Houliston), Galway Hornpipe / Kildare Hornpipe / The Stack O' Wheat / Peter Wyper's Hornpipe (Jimmy Blue & Mickie Ainsworth), Dantesque (Jim Johnstone & His Band), Corn Rigs / the Weavers / Galawa' Hills / Willie's Gaun Tae Melville Castle (Jimmy Shand Jnr & His Band), Reine de Mussette (Stuart Anderson), The Bluebell Polka (Max Houliston), New Ashludie Rant / Charlie Hunter / Kenny the Gemme (Ian Holmes & His Band), Lassie Wi' the Yellow Coatie / Scotland Yet / Bluebells of Scotland (Max Houliston), Loch Leven Polka (Bert Shorthouse And The Glenlomond Band), The Wild Rose of the Mountain (The Donaldsons), The Toytown Trumpeters (Ian Holmes & Max Houliston), Inveresk House / Benderloch Bay (John Carmichael), Minuet (Jimmy Shand Jnr)

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