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Alastair McDonald
Bears, Crows & Centipedes
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Alastair McDonald - Bears, Crows & Centipedes
Something for the kids.. ."Any wean from 9 to 90 will enjoy all 20 tracks". 22 songs plus the story of the Three Bears all done in Alastairs inimitable style, reflecting his long involvement in the Scottish traditional music scene and the jazz scene.

Disk 1 : Mickey : Ma Maw's A Millionaire : Wearie Wife, Coulter's Candy, Sam The Skull, Queen Mary, Queen Mary, Ice Cream, Leerie, Puddo's Wedding, Highland Fairy Lullaby, Jeelie Piece Song, A Trip To The Zoo, Sawggering Bears, Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede, The Tod, Wee Jock Sparra, Oor Wee School : Ma Maw Says, The Whistle, Three Craws, No' Comin' Oot, Twa Corbies, Three Bears

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