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Jim MacLeod and his band
Buttons and Keys Volume 1
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Jim MacLeod and his band - Buttons and Keys Volume 1
Re-releases of previously popular albums "Could I Have This Dance" and "Man Of Music". It features lots of country and ceilidh dances, and some listening sets. This should bring back great memories of the sorely-missed band-leader.

Disk 1 : St. Ermin's Reel: St. Ermin's Reel, Dugald J. MacAngus, Lass O'Gowrie, Gay Gordons: Keep Your Feet Still, Geordie Hinney, Adam Buchan, Bobby Shaftoe, Wherivver Ye Gan You're Sure to Find a Geordie, St. Bernard's Waltz: Home to the Glen, Argyll Grove, Aberdour Bay, Military Two-Step: Captain W.M. MacIntosh, Yvonne: Yvonne, Amazing Grace: Amazing Grace, Barn Dance: Fiona and Bill, Jigs: Donald J.MacDonald - The Sintons of Backcroft, Air & March: Sunset on Strathyre - Heather Anne Crumley, Reels: Mrs.MacLeod of Raasay - Tam & Hebbie Flying High - The Mortlach Reel, Waltz: My Heart Is Sair - The Cradle Song - Farewell to Fuinary - The Rowan Tree, The George Bell Polka, Reel: Calver Lodge - Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff - Over the Hills and Far Away, Jig: Stool of Repentance - Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife, Gay Gordons: 5 Queen Street - Chrissie Leatham, Heading For Home, Selection: Come To the Ceilidh - Glendaruel Highlanders - Bonnie Dundee, Salute To Miss Jean Milligan: Original - Crumley's Reel - The Monks of Melrose

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