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Eriskay Lilt
Childhood Memories
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Eriskay Lilt - Childhood Memories
Eriskay Lilt cover an astonishingly broad musical sweep. Britannia Two-step, 500 Miles, Canadian Barn Dance, Show Me The Way To Amarillo, all you need for an easy party evening. Two sets of reels, two waltzes & a Highland Schottische complete the dances.

Disk 1 : Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie - King George V's Army, Canadian Barn Dance: The Centenary Jewel - Pap of Glencoe, Childhood Memories, Strip the Willow: Farewell To the Tay - Snug In the Blanket - Paddy's Leather Breaches - Archie Beag, Bad Moon Rising, Britannia Two Step: The 10th Itcs Farewell To Inverness - Murdo MacKenzie Of Torridon, Loch Maree Islands - Bonnie Dundee, Farquhar & Hettie's Waltz, Highland Schottische: John Ingram of Ardbeg - Hi Ho Hirum - Molly Connell, It's A Heartache, Margaret MacLeod's Waltz, 500 Miles, Reels: Drunken Piper - Reunion Reel - Kilt Is My Delight - John Keith Laing, Westering Home - Lovely Stornoway, The Gambler, Skye Connection: Farewell to Skye - Skye Gathering - Portree Bay, Working Man, Show Me the Way to Amarillo, Reels: Piper's Cave - Boil Them Cabbage Down - High Road to Linton

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