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Old Blind Dogs
Close to the Bone
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Old Blind Dogs - Close to the Bone
Recorded at CaVa Sound Workshops, May/June 1993. Produced by Kevin Key.

Disk 1 : Kilbogie, Linden Rise, The Cruel Sister, The Honeymoon Reel / Kings / the Clayslaps Reel, The Twa Corbies, The Universal Hall / the Nuptial Knot / the Barlinnie Highlander, MacPherson's Rant / the Winging, Seonaidh Mor / the Fall / Dick Gossops, Margaret Cromar, The Trooper and the Maid or the Trumpet Sounds At Burreldales, The Broken Pledge / Claggy's Dilemma / Hamilton's Jig, Jean O' Bethelnie

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