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Alastair McDonald
I Dearly Like The West
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Alastair McDonald - I Dearly Like The West
Alastair sings his way around the countryside of the western seaboard, in the company of Peter Morrison and with Robert Urquhart to tell the story of Para Handy's Piper.

Disk 1 : Of A' The Airts:Mingulay Rowing Song, Goin' Doon The Watter, Fiunary Farewell, Saltcoats, Fear A Bhata, The Singers, Para Handy's Piper, Highland Cathedral, These Were My Mountains, Come Along, Caller O'u, Portree Kid, Faili Faili Oro, Welcome To The Isles, My Bonny Moorhen, Big Aggie's Ludgin' Hoose, Home To Isla, Rose O' Glencoe

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