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Various Artists
Flower of Scotland - The Essential Anthems
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Various Artists - Flower of Scotland - The Essential Anthems
20 Tracks including Flower of Scotland and artists Sydney Device, Alexander Brothers, North Sea Gas and many more.

Disk 1 : Scots Wha Hae (Arthur Johnstone), The Declaration of Arbroath (Iain Anderson), The Lion Wallace Saw (The McCalmans), Stirling Brig (Alastair McDonald), The Lament of Wallace (Sylvia Barnes, Sandy Stanage), William Wallace (Alastair McDonald), Bannockburn (Skyedance), The Spiders Legend of Robert the Bruce (Iain Anderson), De Bruce De Bruce (Ian Bruce), Bruces Address to His Captains Before Bannockburn (George Archibald), Bruce at Bannockburn (Robin Laing), Field of Bannockburn (Sylvia Barnes, Sandy Stanage), Sword of Bannockburn (Alex Hodgson), The Black Douglas (The Corries), Bannockburns Over (Alex Hodgson), Flower of Scotland (The Corries), The Referendum (Alasdair Fraser, Natalie Haas), Both Sides the Tweed (Dick Gaughan)

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