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Julie Fowlis
Gach Sguel / Every Story
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Julie Fowlis - Gach Sguel / Every Story
Release date 24th February 2014 Julie's much anticipated fourth studio album, 'Gach sgeul / Every story' - a mature offering of carefully selected Gaelic songs, with sensitive and lush arrangements from a host of brilliant musicians from Scotland, Ireland and further afield.

Disk 1 : A Ghaoil, Leig Dhachaigh Gum Mhathair Mi, Danns' A Luideagan Odhar, An Roghain Dain Do Eimhir Xxii, Smeorach Chlann Domhnaill, Do Chalum, Cadal Ciarach Mo Luran, Puirt-A-Beul Set: Ribinnean Riomhach, Oran Fir Heisgeir (Gura Mis' Tha Fo Mhighean), Siud Thu 'Ille Ruaidh Ghallain, Puirt-A-Buel Set: Fodor Dha Na Gamhna Beaga, An Ron (The Seal) / Ann An Caolas Od Odram

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