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Film and TV
Hogmanay with Jimmy Reid & The Whistlebinkies
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Film and TV - Hogmanay with Jimmy Reid & The Whistlebinkies
With its roots in religious festivals and ancient rituals to lure the sun back as it fell lower and lower in the winter sky, Hogmanay is a uniquely Scottish New Year festival known throughout the world. Jimmy Reid, with the help of folk maestros the Whistlebinkies, Robin Hall, Jack House and Archie Roy, delves into the origins of the traditions as they are practised in different parts of Scotland. The first foot, the clootie dumpling, the Fireballs of Stonehaven, the torches of Comrie, and the bonfire at Biggar are all seen, as is Up-Helly-Aa, Shetland's festival of Vikings and Guizers. (Pal)
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