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Battlefield Band
Leaving Friday Harbor
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Battlefield Band - Leaving Friday Harbor
Thirty years on the road and this premier Scottish band's story continues with another great CD. This album features the addition of Davy Steele's great vocals.

Disk 1 : Clan Coco / The Road To Benderloch / Fifteen Stubbies To Warragul, The Last Trip Home / The Luckenbooth, It's Nice To Be Nice / The Auld Toon Band / McCabe's Reel, The Straw Man, Leaving Friday Harbor, The 24th Guards Brigade At Anzio / The Melbourne Sleeper / MacRae's Of Linnie, One More Chorus / The Mason's Apron / The Mountain Road, The Pleasure Will Be Mine, Something For Jamie, The Sisters Reel / Marion & Donald / The Lassie With The Yellow Petticoat / Jesse The Body Ventura's Reel, Logie O' Buchan / Logie's Waltz, The Canongate Twitch / Steamboat To Detroit / Twenty Pounds Of Gin / Break Yer Bass Drone, Love No More (Alan Reid), Bobby / Bag Of Plums (John Mccusker), Jimmy Waddell / Lochanside (Davy Steele)

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