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Robert Wiseman Dairies Vale of Atholl Pipe Band
Live from Frankfurt
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Robert Wiseman Dairies Vale of Atholl Pipe Band - Live from Frankfurt
What better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Clan Pipers of Frankfurt than to invite the Vale Of Atholl Pipe Band to play a concert - and record it for your enjoyment. Grade 1 piping at its best.

Disk 1 : Slow Air and Jigs: Karl Be Grosse / Adrian Cramb, Joiner Extraordinaire / The Curlew / Caber Feidh, Hornpipes: Satellite Glen / Il Paco Grande, March, Strathspey and Reel: John MacDonald of Glencoe / Dora MacLeod / Mrs MacPherson of Inveran, Strathspeys and Reels: J.F. McKenzie of Garrynahine, Stornoway / Sabhal Mor Astaig / Yorkshire Brite / Trip to Ballymena, Suite: Last of the Mohicans / Callum’s Mohican, Hornpipe and Jig Set: Ross Ainslie’s Big Fags / P / M Jim Wark’s Jaunt wi’ the Vale / Kilbardon Jig / Tom Billy’s Jig / Bottle Eyes / Tinky Jig, Galician Air and Jig: Balandran Air / Balandran Jig, Drum Fanfare, Strathspey and Reel: Piper’s Bonnet / Pretty Marion, Hornpipe and Jig Set: Beth Tobin / Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight / Jig O’ Slurs / Callum Townsley’s Trip to Belfast, Air, Strathspey and Reels: The Highland Clearances / Craig a’Bhodich / Fiddler’s Joy / Fleshmarket Close / The Happy Onion Chopper, Lament: McPherson’s Lament, Hornpipe and Reel Set: Zeto the Bubbleman / Breton Peurt A’Beul / The Auld Fiddler / Zeto the Bubbleman

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