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Jim MacLeod and his band
Man of Music
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Jim MacLeod and his band - Man of Music
This compilation of Jim's music is partly from studio recordings and partly from Dunblane Hydro where he has been resident musician for 33 years!!

Disk 1 : Reel: Alute to Miss Jean Milligan, Euan Crumley's Reel, Monks of Melrose, Amazing Grace, Lassie Come and Dance With Me, Heading for Home, Waltz Selection: My Heart Is Sair, Cradle Song, Farewell to Fuinary, the Rowan Tree, George Bell Polka, Country Music Is My Life, Reel: Calver Lodge, Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff, Over the Hills and Far Away, St. Bernard's Waltz: Home to the Glen, Argyle Bay, Jig: Stool of Repentance, Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife, Leaving Dundee, Gay Gordons: 5 Queen Street, Chrissie Leatham, Selection: Come to the Ceilidh, Cambeltown Loch, Bonnie Dundee, Dashing White Sergeant: Original Tune, Alex Muir's Reel, the Kerry Kyle Reel, the Trumpet Hornpipe, Come to Fiona's Wedding, Gay Gordons: Kevin and Linda Bell, Crieff Hydro March, Musselburgh Races, St. Bernards Waltz: Heroes of Longhope, Lonely Ben Arkle, Slow Air and Jig: Miss Morag Crumley, John Worth Jig, Military Two Step: Alf's Two Step, These Are My Mountains, Reel: the Duke of Perth, Barbara A. Stirling, Willie the Woodcutter, Clarinet Polka, Barn Dance: Road to the Isles, Orange and Blue, Castles In the Air, Reel: la Russe, Willie Frew, Dykeside

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