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Ian McCalman
McCalman Singular (Songs By Ian, Sung By Friends)
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Ian McCalman - McCalman Singular (Songs By Ian, Sung By Friends)
Ian McCalman's songs have been part of the folk scene for so long they are almost traditional! Here are some of his wonderful songs sung by Ian himself, Sheena Wellington, Derek Moffat, Jim Malcolm, Barbara Dickson and other folk luminaries.

Disk 1 : From Greenland (Barbara Dickson), Wha's Like Us (Jim Malcolm), Sidmouth Festival Blues (Mike Wheelans), Scotland (Sangsters), Instrumental Set (Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham), Wrecked Again (Allan Taylor), Highland Tomorrow (Janet McCalman), War Outside (Dick Gaughan), Strange Dawn (Ian McCalman), The 8-3-0 (Sheena Wellington), Edinburgh (Ian McCalman), Seagull Cry (The McCalmans), Shian Road (Isla St Clair), Wmd (The McCalmans), Bound To Go (Drinkers Drouth)

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