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Freeland Barbour
Music for Old Time Dancing Volume 2
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Freeland Barbour - Music for Old Time Dancing Volume 2
Freeland Barbour comes from Glen Fincastle near Pitlochry, in the heart of the Highlands of Scotland, and has been a very well-known figure on the Scottish music scene for many years. He is co-founder of two hugely successful ceilidh bands, his current band The Occasionals, and The Wallochmor Ceilidh Band, and he is also a member of The Ghillies and an ex-member of Silly Wizard. Second cd in a series of 6 full of music for Old Time Dancing!

Disk 1 : Over the Top - Two Step (Alt. Military Two Step): The Bugle Call, The King's Waltz - Waltz (Alt. The Circle Waltz): Don't Go Down the Mine Dad - Silvr'y Moon - Let's Start All Over Again, The Serenata - Barn Dance (Alt. The Road To the Isles): The Drums of Fife, The Jacaranda - March (Alt. The Britannia TwoStep/The Call of the Pipes): Sheila McCutcheon's - The Butlaw Boys, The Doris Waltz - Waltz: Memories of Tucker, On Leave Foxtrot - Foxtrot (Alt. The White Heather Foxtrot): Show Me the Way to Go Home, The Fylde Waltz - Waltz: Over the Waves, Elephant Walk - Samba (Alt. Circle Samba/ Samba Miranda/ Sapphire Samba): The Laughing Samba, The Hesitango - Waltz: The Little Flirt, Festival Glide - Glide: Stybarrow Crag - Iron Legs - Stables Grand Hornpipe - Castlehowe Scar, Georgella Blues - Blues: Act Naurally, Princess Ena Quadrille - 4 Figure Quadrille: Figure One, Figure Two, Figure Three, Figure Four, Triumph - 8x24Bar Reels: Triumph, Waltz Cathrine - Modern Waltz: Mary of Skye, Gypsy Tango - Tango (Alt.Royal Empress Tango/Donella Tango): The Park View Tango, Honeymoon Parade - Parade/TwoStep (Alt. The Anniversary TwoStep): Guiseppe's Band, Primrose Waltz - Waltz: Two Little Girls In Blue - Two Lovely Black Eyes, Latchford Schottische - Schottische/Barndance: The Latchford Schottische, Oslo Waltz - Waltz: Kristiania Valsen, Fredericke Schottische - Two Step (Alt. Premier TwoStep): Golden Laburnum, Yearning Saunter - Saunter (Alt. Redrose Saunter): Through the Mulberries, La Varsovianna - Mazurka: Jola's Varsovianna

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