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Jimmy Shand
A Nicht at the Jiggin'
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Jimmy Shand - A Nicht at the Jiggin'
Jimmy Shand and another 25 fabulous dance music. As Jimmy said, music wi' a dunt!

Disk 1 : Irish Jigs, Glasgow Highlanders, Scottish Waltz, Lily Of Laguna, Flowers Of Edinburgh, Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part, Bonnie Dundee, Accordion Polka, Hill Billy Round Up, 2/4 And 6/8 Marches, Rocky Mountain Medley, Old Tyme Waltz, Set Of Strathspeys, Accordion Solo, Bluebell Polka, Scottish Reels, The New Scotland Strathspey, Memories Of Scotland Waltzes, Hill Billy Round Up, Accordion Solo, Baldovan Reel, Barn Dance, Cupid's Whispers, Petronella

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