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Hooley Ganzband
Noo! That's Whit Ah Ca' Ceilidh
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Hooley Ganzband - Noo! That's Whit Ah Ca' Ceilidh
Ceilidh with attitude! Bright and bouncy with plenty of beat and boogie! Eleven favourite ceilidh dances including The Eightsome Reel.. . not for the faint-hearted!

Disk 1 : Dashing White Sergeant, Dashing White Sergeant Encore, Polka, Gay Gordons, Gay Gordons Encore, St. Bernard's Waltz, Eightsome Reel, Strip the Willow, Strip the Willow Encore, Canadian Barn Dance, Canadian Barn Dance Encore, "Hooley Ganz" Jig, Boston Two Step, Boston Two Step Encore, Virginia Reel, Military Two Step

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