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Andy Thorburn
North to South
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Andy Thorburn - North to South
12 of Scotland's very best & well-known singers, Corrina Hewat, Heather Macleod, Rod Paterson, Jim Malcolm, Alyth McCormack, Charlie MacLeod, Lindsay Black, Mary MacMaster, Elspeth Cowie, Rory Campbell, Mary Ann Kennedy & Christine Kydd.

Disk 1 : An Cuan, The Tides, Calgacus, Solitudinem, Pacem Appellant, From Dyneiddin, Trycant Eurdorch, 300 Men, Nyt Atcorsant, Catraeth, Gospel According To, Arbroath Rap, Statutes of Iona, Shift Owre, Pacem Appellant, There's Deils, Chi Mi le Mo, B'e an Dolair, Eil Thu Deas, Watch Us Spin, Solitudinem Faciunt, Fagail, Gaidhig Dot Canan, The Deil Aye Taks, When the Fight's, Seo Mise Mi

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