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Scottish Fiddle Orchestra
Northern Lights
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Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - Northern Lights
The SFO's 10th Anniversary Gala Concert performed in the Music Hall, Aberdeen - city of the Northern Lights, as named in the popular song by Mary Webb. A splendid variety of music including uplifting jigs and reels and evocative melodies.

Disk 1 : Canadian Four / Old Jed Hay / Alistair McCulloch / Tam's Hunting Horn / Mrs MacLeod / The De'ill Amang, James Nicol / Farewell My Love / The Auld Rants, Marquis Of Huntly's Highland / The Kilt Is My Delight / Highland Whisky / Speed The Plough, The Heros Of Longhope, Hibiscus Two Step, Mary Sandeman / Dumbarton's Drums / Farewell Tae Tarwathie, Orange And Blue / London's Bonnie Woods / Braes O'Mar / Kafoozalum / Keel Row, Margaret's Waltz, Gardebylaten-Ganglat, Finnish Polka / Headlands / Wideford Hill / Da Tushker, James Nicol / The Northern Lights, Swinging Reels / Jenny's Bawbee / Denise's Tune / Paddy O'Brien / Early In The Morning, Dear Old Donegal / If You're Irish / I'll Be Off To Tipperary In The Morning / MacNamara's Band, Irish Jigs / The Irish Waserwoman / The Rakes Of Kildare / Sorry To Part / Rollickin' Irishman, Mary Sandeman & James Nicol / Ye Banks And Braes, Ottawa Valley Reel / Boil Them Cabbage Down / Gary Murphy's Jig / Bowing The Strings, Orange Blossom Special, Highland Cathedral

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