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Alastair McDonald
Oor Ally's Red Yoyo
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Alastair McDonald - Oor Ally's Red Yoyo
Alastair breaks out the banjo again for this sparky collection of Scottish kids' tunes, songs & a story.

Disk 1 : The Red YoYo, Ten Little Sailor Boys, Aitken Drum, Twinkle Little Star, The Southside Sunday School, School Nativity Play, The Jealous Sister, I've Got Sixpence, My Garden, Nick-Nack Skiddly-Wack, The Queen's Maries, The Lugton Dug, The Tailor O' Fife, The Little Man And The Little Maid, A' The Wee Herries - I Sent Her For Breid, Petrum Patrum Riddle, Murder In The Fish Shop - Old Mother Riley - Duke Street Jail, The Selfish Giant

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