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Battlefield Band
Out for the Night
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Battlefield Band - Out for the Night
An institution they may be, but institutionalised they aren't! Purity, diversity, clarity and a bit of tom-foolery from the leaders of the Scottish folk scene. Excellent instrumental sets and some grand songs, old and new.

Disk 1 : Ms. Dynamite Of Benbecula: Alewife T/Little Cascade/Culder's Rant, Earl Of Errol, Christ Church, Nuala Kennedy's Reel: Ambassador Craig Murray's Reel, Suedan A' Chain (Jewels Of The Ocean): Grinder/Barbhas AgusButthead, Belfast To Boston, Anniversary Reel: Out For The Night, Rest And Be Thankful, Kings Shilling, Cota Ruadhn (The Red Coat): Eastwood Cottage/Clisham/Captain Forbes' Reel/Keep The Country, Bagad Kemper: Trouble At Baghdad Roundabout/McKenna's Jigs, Banks O'Carron Water, Bowmore Fair: Mary O'Neill's Reel/Tournemine Et Gasdebois

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