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Alasdair Fraser
Portrait of a Scottish Fiddler
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Alasdair Fraser - Portrait of a Scottish Fiddler
Debut solo album of this now world-famous fiddler. Featuring classic strathspey/reel medleys, hornpipes, jigs, marches and Gaelic airs, including the haunting MacCrimmon's Lament. Piano, accordion, drums and guitar add a 'country dance' feel.

Disk 1 : Strathspey And Reel / Sands Of Murness / Auld Willie Hunter, Hornpipe And Reel / The Acrobat / The Shelburne Reel, Lament, Air And Reel / Tog Orm Mo Phiob / Braigh Loc Iall / Miss Brady, March, Strathspey And Reel / Mrs E M Ross's Welcome To KiltarlityCottage / The Kirrie Kebbuck / Culburnie Cottage, Slow Air / The Weeping Birches Of Kilmorack, Jigs / Miss MacPherson Gran / Loch Of Lumgair, Lament / MacCrimmon's Lament, Marching Air / Miss Wharton Duffr, Slow Strathspey And Reel / J F Dickies's Delight / J F Dickie's Reel, Reels And Jig / Allan's Reel / Fiddler's Whim / Kiley's Reel, Slow Air / The Nameless Lassie, March, Strathspey And Reel / The Braes Of Castle Grant / CaptainHorne / The Apple Tree, Pastoral Air / Down The Vale, Hornpipe And Reel / The Mathematician / Sir David Davison Of Cantray

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