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Battlefield Band
Rain, Hail or Shine
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Battlefield Band - Rain, Hail or Shine
As well as traditional songs & tunes, there is a great deal of newly-composed material. This album is also a CD ROM. Insert the disc into your PC and you will receive video, chat, biography, performances, etc.. . at no extra cost!

Disk 1 : Bodachan A Gharaidh / General MacDonald / Craig An Fhithich, Heave Ya Ho, Margaret Ann / Manor Park / Trip To The Bronx, Jenny O The Braes, Magheracloone / Norland Wind / Royal Scottish Pipers Society / Gardez Loo / Donald MacLean, The Beaches Of St Valery / Elizabeth Clare, Wee Michael's March / Oot B'Est Da Vong, The Lass O' Glencoe, The Canongate Twitch / Steamboat To Detroit / Twenty Pounds Of Gin / Break Yer Bass Drone

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