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J P Cormier & Hilda Chiasson Cormier
Return to the Cape
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J P Cormier & Hilda Chiasson Cormier - Return to the Cape
Multi musically talented as a young boy Canadian JP Cormier continued with a career in music. This album was released in 1995 along with his wife Hilda Chiasson Cormier on piano.

Disk 1 : Haggis/Caber feidh, Cowie's clog/Winston tune, Jerry Sullivan's strathspey/Tammy Sullivan's reel, Flannigan's favourite/Ole French reel/Kelly's reel, Slow air/Moving cloud, Horseshow reel/Winter carnival reel/Pigeon on the gate, Hilda Chasson Cormier's reel/Temperence reel, Shetland hornpipe/The E flat tune, Holland wedding reel/Stool of repentance/Sleepy Maggie, Niel Gow's lament/Niel Gow march/Slieveman's clog, Highland dream, Reel made with Hilda/Miss Watson's return to the cape

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