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Jimi McRae (Jimi the Piper) & Sam Okoo
Scottish pipes and African drums
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Jimi McRae (Jimi the Piper) & Sam Okoo - Scottish pipes and African drums
Jimi "The Piper" McRae and Sammi O on Djembe and Cow Bell!! Full on fun - this album takes well known Scottish & Irish tunes and gives them a World Music treatment. And you can also hear some of Sammi's solo African drumming.

Disk 1 : Jigs & Hornpipes:Cork Hill - Jig o' Slurs - Duncan Johnstone - The Man From Skye - The Clumsy Lover - Itchy Fingers, Highland Cathedral - The Black Bear, West African 'Highlife' Drum Solo, Marches, Jig & Hornpipe: Scotland the Brave - The Battle of Killecrankie - Roses o' Prince Charlie - Glasgow Police Pipers - The Jolly beggerman, Air,Strathspey&Reels: Amazing Grace - Orange & Blue - Because He Was A Bonnie Lad - Loudon's Bonny Woods & Braes - Piper of Drummomd - High Road to Linton - The Mason's Apron, 2/4 Marches,Reels&Jig: Highland Laddie - 79th Farewell to Gibraltar - The Drunken Piper - Sleepy Maggie - THe Wee Hundy - Paddy's Leather Breeches - The Banjo Breakdown, Cullen Bay, Tokwe-Kete Drum Solo from Ghana, Strathspey & Reels: The Ewe Wi' the Crooked Horn - Craig-a-Bodich - Stirling Castle - Kate Dalrymple - De'il Among the Tailors - The Kilt Is My Delight - Mrs.MacLeod o' Rassay, Slow Air,Reels&Jigs: The Blackbird - Gravel Walk - Congress Reel - Mountain Road - Fleshmarket Close - Drops o' Brandy - Snug In the Blanket - The Foxhunter - Rockin' the Baby

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