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Various Artists
Scottish Sounds of Yesteryear - Volume 3
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Various Artists - Scottish Sounds of Yesteryear - Volume 3
Vintage Scottish Dance Band recordings digitally cleaned and re-mastered from the original 78s. Bob Potter and the Glenesk, Curley McKay and his S.D Band, Allan Smith and the Doublet S.D Band, Willie Simpson and his S.D Band and Jim & Nichol MacKay.

Disk 1 : Bob Potter & the Glenesk Band - Gay Gordons: The Battle of Waterloo - Flett from Flotta - The Hills of Alva, Allan Smith & the Doublet Band - Scottish Waltz: Highland Cradle Song - Rothesay Bay - Leezie Lindsay, Willie Simpson & his Band - 2/4 Marches: Scott Skinner's Compliments to Dr.MacDonald - Mrs.Joan Blue, Curley McKay & his Band - Strathspeys: Sidlaw Hills - Ruthven House - The Iron Man, Bill Richardson - Accordion Solo: Belviso, Willie Simpson & his Band - MS&R: Professor Blackie - Marquis of Huntly's Farewell - Captain Keller, Jim & Nichol MacKay - 6/8 Marches: Sweet Maid of Mull - Tug Argan Gap, Bob Potter & the Glenesk Band - Reels: Dornoch Links - Back o' Benachie - Deil Among the Tailors - Fairy Dance, Curley McKay & his Band - 2/4 Marches: Atholl & Breadalbane Gathering - Atholl Highlanders' March to Loch Katrine, Jim & Nichol MacKay - Hornpipes: Fiona Ferguson - Man from Skye, Bob Christie - Fiddle Solo: The Conundrum - Dorrator Bridge - The Brolum, Willie Simpson & his Band - Gaelic Waltz: Mull o' the Cool High Bens - The Fisher Boys - My Mother, Allan Smith & the Doublet Band - Canadian Barn Dance: Dovecote Park - Kenmure's On and Awa', Willie Simpson & his Band - Reels: Grant's Rant - St.Ninian's Isle - Bill Powrie - Pottinger's Reel, Jim & Nichol MacKay - Polka: Diamond Wedding Polka, Curley McKay & his Band - Jigs: Anne Fraser MacKenzie - A.M.Shinnie - Wee Murdie - Jean Ireland, Willie Simpson & his Band - Fiddle Lead: Sally Gardens - The Reconcilliation - The Barmaid - Always Welcome, Bob Potter & the Glenesk Band - Polka: Bluebell Polka, Curley McKay & his Band - Reels: J.B.Milne - Thurso Wedding - Dr.Robertson - Rakes of Mallow

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