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Harry Lauder
Sir Harry Lauder - Scotland's Stars on 78
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Harry Lauder - Sir Harry Lauder - Scotland's Stars on 78
The ultimate Scot! Knackely knees, shoogly sporran, big whiskers and even bigger stick. Home grown talent, transatlantic star, writer of melodies you've always known.

Disk 1 : Overture The Harry Lauder Medley, I Love A Lassie, Will You Stop Your Tickling Jock, Breakfast In Bed, Roamin' In The Gloamin', Waggle O' The Kilt, Soosie Maclean, There's A Wee Hoose' Mang The Heather, I've Just Got Off The Chain, Just A Wee Deoch An' Doris, We Parted On The Shore, Keep Right On To The End Of The Road

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