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Bob Lillie and the Kelvin Band
Sounds of the Kelvin
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Bob Lillie and the Kelvin Band - Sounds of the Kelvin
from the 1970s an excellent 6 piece Dance Band playing traditional Scottish Music taken from two albums recorded in the 1970s.

Disk 1 : Reel: Ericht Reel / New High Level / Staten Island / Johnny Cope, Military TwoStep: Frank Jamieson Two Step, Fiddle Solo - Air: Bonnie Anne, Canadian Barn Dance: Helen Black of Inveran / P/M Jim Christie of Wick, The Gay Gordons: Brig o' Blair / Back Pedalling Mudguard / Tug Argan Gap, Reel: Flowers of Edinburgh / St.Annes / Calum Donaldson, Wullafjord, Scottish Waltz: Doreen / Mary Thomason / Julie, Jigs: The Bonnie Lass / Jean's Jig, Gaelic Waltz: Fear a Bhata / Mo Mhathair, Highland Schottische: MacLean of Pennycross / The Man From Skye, Waltz: Glasgow Week in Hamburg, Reel: Victoria Hornpipe / Trumpet Hornpipe, Medley: Lord Lovat's Lament / Highland Cradle Song / Battle of The Somme / High Road to Linton, Hornpipes: Boys of Bluehill / Sligo Fancy / Galway Hornpipe, Slow Air: Lament for the Death of Rev.Archie Beaton, Polka: O'er the Drills, Gaelic Waltz: Sine Bhan / Mo Ribhinn Cholbhneil / An t-Eilean Uain' Ileach, Strip the Willow: Farewell To the Tay / Midlothian Pipe Band / Banjo Breakdown / Spout o' Skerry / The Tushker, Accordion Duet: Dan Tekse, The Pride of Erin Waltz: Green Hills of Antrim / Boulevogue / Sleivnamon, Boston TwoStep: Jim Anderson's Delight / Murdo Mackenzie of Torridon / Jig of Slurs / Paddy's Leather Breeches

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