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Kevin MacLeod
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Kevin MacLeod - Springwell
A skillful string player: guitars, banjos, bouzouki & mandolins! A member of The Occasionals, he is joined by Alec Finn & Frankie Gavin of De Dannan, Malcolm Jones of Runrig, John Martin of the Tannahill Weavers.

Disk 1 : Scottish Jigs, Scottish Pipe and Fiddle Reels, Seaforth's 9/8 Pipe Retreat Marches, Freeland's & Sandy Bell's Hornpipes, Waltz from Orsa, Hawaiian Hapa Haole Hula Girl, Falls of Glomach & Balmacara, Austrian Zither Landler, Donald Macleod's Pipe Hornpipes, Robert MacDonald's Schottisches, Cock o' the North and Old Pipe Reel, Scottish 3/4 Pipe Marches, Flaco's Polka and Russ's Reel, Dance from Marmaros, Faeroese Waltzes, Scottish 2/4 March & Californian Reel

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