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Catriona McKay & Olov Johansson
The Auld Harp
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Catriona McKay & Olov Johansson - The Auld Harp
Two Harp Traditions Meet! Internationally recognised for their individual harp talents, combine beautifully on their second collabaration -The Auld Harp. Catriona McKay (Scottish Harp) and Olov Johansson (Swedish nyckelharpa ). Catriona, from Fiddlers’ Bid, a Celtic harper like no other, and Olov from the band. Vasen break new ground with their stunning interplay and beautiful melodies.

Disk 1 : The Auld Harp, Rory Dall's Port; Masbopolketten, Going Green, Little Fiddler in the Fire, Nacken and Skoella, Splash, Ballongen, Ruben's Lullaby, Vandningen, Fritz Widlund, January Lament, John O'Connor; Tame Her When the Snow Comes, Umea Strathspey; The Melt; Flying Reel, Spelmansgladje

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