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Cherish the Ladies
The Back Door
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Cherish the Ladies - The Back Door
The very first album by this fabulous Irish group.

Disk 1 : Character's Polka/The Warlock/The Volunteer/The Donegal Traveler, The Back Door, Redican's/Sean Ryan's/Take The Bull By The Horns, The Dance: Galway Hornpipe/Dessie O'Connor's/The Moher Reel, Coal Quay Market/Happy Days/Rabbit In The Field, Maire Mhor, If Ever You Were Mine, Paddy O'Brien's/Toss The Feathers/Jenny Dang The Weaver, My Own Native Land, Pepin Arsenault/The Shepherd's Daughter/A Punch In The Dark, Three Weeks We Were Wed, Jessica's Polka/Tear The Calico/I Have No Money, Carrigdhoun, Redican's Mother/Humours Of Westport/The Morning Dew/The Glass Of Beer/Youghal Harbor

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