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Brian Lamond & Billy McNeil
The Cosmic Piper
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Brian Lamond & Billy McNeil - The Cosmic Piper
Billy McNeil is primarily a composer who also attempts to play flute, bagpipes and keyboard! This 1st Album by him as The Cosmic Piper - 15 Inventions for the Highland Bag Pipes was mainly to record some of the bagpipe tunes Billy had recorded over the years, but it was only since he started playing pipes himself about 4 years ago that he decided to take things further.

Disk 1 : Camel, Sol Cardendendo, On High Ground, Girl From the West, For Kate, Reels: Pool Hand Luke - Turbulence, Waltzes: Sail away - Marie Rose, Viva La Cornemeuse, Scotland From Afar, Hopscotch, Soldier's Return, Major Metal, Hornpipes: McAndrew's 60th Birthday - Rocky Road - Headless Kipper, Jigs: Sorcerer's Apprentice - Piper's Apprectice, Spudnik

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