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Jimmy Shand
The Legendary Jimmy Shand
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Jimmy Shand - The Legendary Jimmy Shand
The legendary Jimmy Shand indeed. 20 tracks from Jimmy including Bluebell Polka, The Northern Lights, Gay Gordons and Marching with Jimmy Shand.

Disk 1 : The Linton Ploughman-Jig, Marching With Jimmy Shand, Gaelic Waltz Selection, Gay Gordons, Bluebell Polka, Irish Two-Step, Royal Scots Polka, Highland Scottische, The Swilcan, The Northern Lights Of Aberdeen, The Black Dance, Miss Bennetts Jig, Threave Castle Polka, Mrs. Cholmondeley's Reel, Tyneside Waltz, Hooper's Jig, Neidpath Castle-Strathspey, Lambs Skinnet Jig, 2/4 Marches, Galloway House Reel

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