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Alan Reid and Rob van Sante
The Rise and Fall o' Charlie
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Alan Reid and Rob van Sante - The Rise and Fall o' Charlie
Fourteen songs about Bonnie Prince Charlie in Gaelic and English by Alan Reid and Rob van Sante with Maeve MacKinnon, Wendy Weatherby, Mike Katz, Alasdiar White, Susan Miller and Ian Fairburn. Traditional songs, and some penned by Alan Reid.

Disk 1 : Sound the Pibroch, Come Boat Me O'er, Oran Do Phriunnsa Tearlach, Charlie He's Ma Darlin', Bonny Charlie, Dear Tibby., Hey Johnny Cope., Where Are My Followers?, Nach Truagh No Chas., Skye Boat Song., Mile Marbhpaisg Air An t-Saoghal., Where Can We Turn - The Lowland Soldier., The Boy In the Man., Will Ye No Come Back Again.

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