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Battlefield Band
The Road of Tears
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Battlefield Band - The Road of Tears
Immigration, emigration, the movement of the centuries and the tears of the years:- these are the subjects of the Batty's latest album. There's many a sad moment, but many a jolly tune too, illuminating this age old tale.

Disk 1 : The Road Of Tears, Ely Parker/Miss Martin's Wedding/The Primrose Lassies/Mr Galloway Goes To Washington, The Emigrant, The Highlander's Farewell To Ireland/Farewell To Ireland/Put Me In The Big Chest, The Slaves Lament, The Moleskin Kilt/The Empty Glen, Out In Australia At Last, The Patagonia Islanders/The Loe Country Dance/Don Juan McKenna's Jig, Haro Strait, To A Mouse, Take Me To The Sea, Plane Wreck At Los Gatos, Sweet Molly/The Symmetry/The Boat Leaks, I Cried, Mary's Dream/The Mountain Dairy Maid/The Nameless Migrant, Five Bridges To Cross (Alan Reid), The Green & The Blue

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