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Film and TV
The St Kilda Story/Wildlife Of St Kilda
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Film and TV - The St Kilda Story/Wildlife Of St Kilda
The St Kilda Story is the filmed history of St Kilda from 1908 to 1980. In black and white Oliver Pike's pioneering film of 1908 depicting birdlife and fowling; 1920s footage by Robello and Mann on tourism and village life; the final stages before the 1930 evacuation filmed by John Ritchie. Also includes Wildlife of St Kilda filmed over 25 years from 1957. We see the competitive world of over a million seabirds - gannets, fulmars, puffins, kittewakes, gulls and by night Manx Shearwaters and the rare Leach's Petrel. Great Skuas attack human visitors and the unique St Kilda wrens defend their territitories. Also seen are the St Kilda fieldmouse and the brown Soay sheep. (Pal)
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