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Gordon Duncan
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Gordon Duncan - Thunderstruck
Gordon proves his worth again with another phenomenal CD, featuring mainly the Highland bagpipes. Gordon's astonishing prowess on the pipes is matched by his composing skills; his vastly popular Andy Renwick's Ferret & the very evocative The Belly Dancer.

Disk 1 : Glengarry Highland Gathering/Bonnie Ann/Renfrewshire Militia, The Trip To Moreda/Jig O'Beer/The '98 Jig, The Belly Dancer, Lady Carmichael/Because He Was A Bonny Lad/Craig An Bodaich/The Flagon/Mrs Macleod, Nae Door Pibroch/Duncan Johnstone/The Raven On The Rock/The Top Tier/More Brandy, Ian Green Of Greentrax/The Straloch Turkeys, The Inverness Gathering/Unknown/The Bee In The Knickers/Hardiman The Fiddler, Lorient Mornings/Grande Nuit In Port Du Peche/Davy Webster, The Old Woman's Dance/Paddy O Rafferty's/The Cat Dance/The Boys Fae Cairnyhill, Dance Pourlet, Muineira De Poio/Trandeiras/Shotgun Women/Mercedes Trujillo, Thunderstruck/Angus Thing, Battle O' The Pass Of Creiff/Alex Duthart Drum Salute/Andy Renwick's Ferret

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