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Irene Watt and Graham White
Twa Folk Twyned
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Irene Watt and Graham White - Twa Folk Twyned
Twa Folk are Irene Watt and Graham White. Irene sings and plays harp and piano. Graham sings and plays bouzouki, harmonica and bodhran.

Disk 1 : Shoals of Herring, Air for Joe - Ca' the Yowes, When I'm Gone, Sailing South, The Bawbee Birlin', Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa, A Maid Gaed Tae the Mill, Eleanor Plunkett - Camy's Cug's A Bosie, A' the Week, The Briar & the Rose, Beautiful Rosedale, Whaur Will We Gang, Sae Will We Yet, Ten Thousand Miles

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